Ajo Double Window
Ajo Double Window This interesting arch is located in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southwestern Arizona. See Ajo Frog Eye Arch. Drive the 9.1 miles to Arch Canyon on the Loop Road. The arch is visible before reaching the Arch Canyon car park. Park and hike up the established trail in Arch Canyon. Just short of a mile, the official trail ends and a rocky and steep route continues. Circle around behind the arch as you climb up above it. Near where the route seems to dead-end at a cliff, look to the right- this is the lumpy fin containing the double window. Before dropping down to the level of the arch, poke into the corner near this fin and find Ajo Window No. 2, qv, part of which you may have seen on your route up. Slip through Window No. 2, take the requisite photos, then backtrack a few hundred feet to a large juniper, and drop down and contour over and through Ajo Double Window where the best photos can be taken from the other side. Itís about 2 miles and 1500 ft. up to the windows. UTM Coordinates 12S 338723E 3546075N; WGS84.
Photo and Directions
by Rob Jones
Trip Report

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