Ajo Train Whistle Arch
Ajo Train Whistle Arch This arch is located in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. See Ajo Mountain Arch. Continue past Ajo Mountain Arch on the route which turns to the right and starts to steeply ascend toward the Mount Ajo ridge. Look up among some breccia towers to see Ajo Train Whistle Arch. Although you may be tempted to hike through the towers directly toward the arch, stay on the route which leads you to the arch at about 3.5 miles from the trail head and at UTM coordinates 12S 340879WE 3543262N at about 3950 ft. elev. From this arch, you can continue up to Mount Ajo, another mile+ and over a thousand feet above. When you return, the most scenic route is via Estes Park, which contains many excellent Organ Pipe Cactus specimens.
Photo and Directions
by Rob Jones
Trip Report

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