Conglomerate Natural Bridge Two
See “Supai Arch” for the general location of Tuckup Canyon. This Arch is about 2 miles up Tuckup Canyon from the River. This is not an easy hike. If the viewer is interested in this hike, refer to “Day Hikes From the river, 3rd Edition-A Guide to 100 Hikes from Camps on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park” by Tom Martin. Tom Martin’s directions start at the River; but the Bridge is also accessible by hiking down the Canyon-an arduous hike of about 9 miles The span is a true natural bridge composed of cemented cobble (conglomerate) which the Canyon wash has undercut. It has a span of about 20 ft. For a view showing the Bridge’s awesome surroundings, see Conglomerate Natural Bridge One

    Photo by Arnie Richards

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