Mitten Ridge Eyelet Arch
Mitten Ridge Eyelet Arch There are several small arches in the Sedona area which Rob calls "archulettas". This is an unofficial but imaginative designation for these arches. These are all in the Mitten Ridge area. Take Rt. 179 at the "Y" junction south of Sedona and just after crossing Oak Creek, turn east onto Schnebly Hills Rd. and park at the Huckaby trailhead about 0.9 miles up the road. Hike the Huckaby Trail for just over a mile to the highest point on the trail before it starts to drop into Oak Creek. From here, hike east cross-country toward Mitten Ridge. You may find a route if you stay on the ridge. When you come to the slickrock, you have the choice of hiking over the nose to the first high-point, and then dropping down and to the south to the notch between the western-most two bumps; or contour carefully around below Mitten Ridge Eyelet Arch (12S 432141N 3859125W WGS84, elev. about 5150 ft.) to the notch The arch is best viewed from the bowl to the north. You can get very near it on the ridge; but you would be too close to photograph it.
Photo and Directions
by Rob Jones
The Wilderness Vagabond

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