Karabiner Arch
Karabiner Arch    This arch is located in the south rim area of Grand Canyon National Park. The arch can be seen when entering Slate Canyon from the East on the Tonto Trail. This arch is perched on the top of the ridge continuing SW from Geikie Peak. It is called Karabiner Arch because it has that shape and looks as if it has a closed rope gate at the top. Once you get close to Slate Canyon Creek, you can no longer see the arch, and a hike up the low ridges to the south will be needed to get another view. The arch can also be seen from the Agate Canyon side of Geikie Peak.

Estimated coordinates of Karabiner Arch: UTM 12S 384912E, 3998675N; WGS84
Photo and Directions
by Rob Jones
Trip Report

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