Laconic Dodo Arch
Laconic Dodo Arch     This interesting arch is located in the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix. See "Pyramid Peeper" for directions to the Peralta Trailhead. The arch can be seen from less than a half mile up La Barge Canyon from its junction with Whiskey Canyon. From the Peralta Trailhead hike over Miners Summit (near Miners Needle Arch), turning toward Whiskey Spring near this summit. Hike down- canyon in Whiskey Spring Canyon to its junction with LaBarge Canyon. Heading upstream in LaBarge, look south along the nearby low ridge for Laconic Dodo Arch. You are approximately 8 miles from the Peralta TH. "Dodo" because it says much in a Spartan, graceful, Dodo-arched form. As seen on the map in the Wilderness Vagabond report, the GPS coordinates for this arch are UTM 12S 471617E; 3698839N; WGS 84 .

see Rob's Trip Report - Superstition Wilderness Backpack
Photo and Directions
by Rob Jones
The Wilderness Vagabond

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