South Canyon Arch
South Canyon is a tributary of the Colorado River from the North Rim. The approximately 12 mile hike is described in “Todd’s Desert Hiking Guide” ( A side trail to the Arch branches right before reaching the river. This is a difficult hike- not for the casual hiker. This is not an impressive arch; and Rob’s alternate name for it is “Meager”. To find the arch beginning from the confluence of South Canon and the Colorado River (say for someone floating down the river), hike up the Redwall Limestone toward the southernmost Redwall. Climb above the surface ruins and the petroglyph boulder which are on the terrace above the beaches. After about 200 ft. of climbing, go up a faint trail to the left and behind a shallow buttress. The arch is in here, but you will have to look closely to see it.

    Photo and Directions
    by Rob Jones
    The Wilderness Vagabond

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