Tse’yi 3.5 Mile Arch
Tse’yi 3.5 Mile Arch (pronounced “say-yah”, similar to the misspelled “Tesgi” which means “rocks of the canyon” in Navajo) is in the Navajo Nation, on the long hike to Keet Seel/ Kawestima cliff dwellings of Navajo National Monument, west of Kayenta. To view this lovely arch, obtain a permit to day-hike or backpack to Kawestima (the Hopi name for these dwellings) and hike into Keet Seel Canyon to trail mile 3.5. The trail miles are numbered from 8.5 at the parking area to 0 (zero) at the dwellings, so you are five miles from the car park when you view this arch. From the 3.5 trail marker, back up (downstream) about 300 ft. and look high on the wall to the east to see Tse’yi 3.5 Mile Arch.

    Photo and Directions
    by Rob Jones
    The Wilderness Vagabond

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