Cobblestone Natural Bridge
Rob calls this natural bridge Cobblestone because it is eroded into a conglomerate formation composed of rounded river rocks deposited there eons ago. It is located in Grand Canyon N.P. above the Colorado River on the unofficial trail between Deer Creek Falls and Fishtail Rapids (USGS Fishtail Mesa, Arizona Quadrangle). Go downstream from Deer Creek Falls for about a mile. From a broad beach, look carefully for cairns leading up a narrow canyon to the north. This trail goes above the Tapeats sandstone layer of cliffs and is well-marked once on the route. Continue west through the Siesta Springs area. Above the trail, at an elevation of approximately 200 to 300 feet above the River, look for the Natural Bridge above a small side drainage. The hike via Kanab Creek was about a one week round trip for Rob and his wife Do not attempt this hike, or any hike into the Grand Canyon, without thoroughly researching the route and conferring with Park Rangers.
Photo and Directions by Rob Jones.
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