Esplanade Windows
Kanab Creek is the largest tributary of the Colorado River lying within Grand Canyon National Park. The 68,340 acre Kanab Creek Wilderness lies in the northwest section of Kaibab National Forest. Rob Jones recently hiked this area and describes his trip on his website, The Wilderness Vagabond. Click on “Reports” and scroll down to “Long Ranger: Kanab Creek Wilderness: Snake Gulch to Sowats Point” for a complete report of his hike. Rob says, “One can see these windows from the Ranger Trail. One walks from Jumpup Point to Lower Jumpup Spring Junction (about 4 miles), and then continues S-SW along the Ranger Trail for another 3 miles to see the windows. The only water in the immediate area is at Lower Jumpup Spring, so be sure to take sufficient water.” The viewer wishing to hike this area should get good maps and consult the various websites to plan such a trip. One site in addition to Rob’s is USDA Forest Service, Kaibab National Forest.

  Photo and Directions
  by Rob Jones

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