Redwall Skylight Arch
From the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, start at the South Kaibab Trailhead (7200’) near Yaki Point. Hike down this well-used trail three miles to Skeleton Point at about 5200’. Note: The Park Service recommends that day hikers do not hike further. Here the trail corkscrews dramatically down the Redwall Limestone toward the Tipoff (at 3800’and about 5 miles). As the trail angle lessens near the bottom of the Redwall, it straightens and curves to the north on its way to the Tipoff. As views of the north and NW come into view, look SW along the skyline of the Redwall Limestone for Redwall Skylight. As you approach the intersection with Tonto West and the Tipoff, you lose sight of the Skylight. So if you are hiking the Tonto Platform, or up from the River, you will need to hike about .75 miles above the Tipoff to see this lovely arch. Please note that although the first view of the Redwall Skylight is a mere 4+ miles from the rim, you are also over 3000’ feet below the rim. This said, it is well worth the extra effort to hike to the Tipoff for spectacular views of the Colorado River and part of the Phantom Ranch area. Caution! In energy required miles, this hike (to the Tipoff and back to the rim) is like a 24 mile hike (10 miles trail distance +14 additional energy required miles for elevation loss/gain). In the heat, it’s a killer because the trail offers little shade and water is not available.

  Photo and Directions
  by Rob Jones
  The Wilderness Vagabond

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