Wrather Arch
Wrather Arch Wrather Arch is in a short side canyon off Paria Canyon in the Paria Canyon Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Area which overlaps the Utah and Arizona border. It is a 38 mile hike from the White House Trailhead in Utah to Lees Ferry in Arizona. The trailhead for Paria Canyon is about two miles South of the Contact Station (Ranger Station), at the small White House Campground (there is a gravel road to the campground). The trail enters the Paria drainage and from there it is 20 miles to the mouth of Wrather Canyon. It is about 3/8 of a mile up the Canyon to the Arch. With a span of 246 ft. it is the 6th longest in the world.
Such a hike is for experienced hikers who are well equipped and prepared as well as being fully aware of the dangers of hiking in a canyon subject to flash flooding. So qualified were Rob and Kathleen Jones who took this hike early in May of 2004. Rob took this photo as well as the panorama photo, qv. There are several Paria Canyon websites, one of which is a Bureau of Land Management site Another excellent site with a poetic description of the entire length of the Canyon is a Utah Outdoors site.

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