Cudnite Mostove, Bulgaria
NABSQNO 35T-299127-4632487 Bulgaria

Cudnite Mostove – The Wonderful Bridges. Situated in the Rhodopy Mountains in southern Bulgaria about 12 miles off the main road 86 between Plovdiv (the second biggest town in Bulgaria) and the ski resort of Smoljan. The turn is about 38 km (23 miles) south of Asenovgrad. There are three bridges; the photo shows the main one. It is reported to be 99 feet wide. There is a smaller bridge shown in the left of the photo. The third bridge is just a few yards downstream but you can't see light though it. There is a tourist lodge within about 50 yards of the bridges. The accommodation is described as second class, but that is by Bulgarian standards so it is very spartan. One night's accommodation and evening meal set the photographer back about $7. Photo by Ray Millar. See panoramic photos of the Wonderful Bridges.

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