Etretat, France
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The resort town of Étretat on the north coast of France is noted for its splendid coastline cliffs of up to 300 feet high. Gracing this coastline are two large arches (Porte d'Aval and La Manne Porte) which are sculpted in the soft limestone chalk. Porte d'Aval (above) rests next to an offshore spire known as L'Augille - "The Needle" - which stands 230 feet high and appears in both of these photos. The arches are accessible at low tide. Inside La manne Porte (the second opening, shown below), notice the person in the red shirt for scale. In 1883 the famous French painter Claude Monet did an oil painting of La Manne Porte, an image of which can be seen here. Photos by Ray Millar.

Etretat, France
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