Dark Alley Bridges

Dark Alley Bridges    There is another double bridge at Bryce beside the well-known one (signed) next to the Navajo Loop Trail.
    As easy as that one is, this one is remote and difficult to reach - another challenge.
    Where the horse trail comes down to the bottom of the amphitheater and heads SW to the Peekaboo Loop Trail, there is a long high rocky ridge next to the trail and heading SE to the main Bryce wash.
    On the west side of the ridge are about 6 large fins running down the side parallel to each other. I climbed up between two of the fins-3rd and 4th as I recall- to about 3/4 the way up to the top where there is a notch through the fin (my "dark alley" because there is litle light coming in).
    The way up is covered with small rocks and steep, with no vegetation for a foot-hold; so I grabbed the side of the fin to pull myself up.

Photo and directions by
Ted Dahlmann

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