Emblem Arch

Emblem Arch     This is another cross-country arch on the side of the Bryce Amphitheater below the Rim Trail about a half-mile north of sunrise Point.
    Hike the ridge top down near the picnic area a couple hundred feet to the wooded area below the rim and continue northward a couple of coves to Portal Arch. Continue to the adjoining arch which I call Castle Arch, and then head around the next point to the next cove. You can see Emblem Arch at the head of the cove under the rim. The best light is in the morning. I estimate the size to be 7 ft.X 7 ft. My nickname for this arch is "Symmetry Arch" because the sides of the opening , the spires on top and the two trees flanking the opening are, quite symmetrical.

Photo and directions by
Ted Dahlmann

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