Surprise Arch

Surprise Arch     At the top of the Peekaboo Loop Trail at the far west side of the trail, just off the amphitheater rim there is a large notch cut through an east west fin for the trail.
   The trail on the north side of the fin passes right under this arch, but is high-up on a steep wall of a cross fin and you can't step back on the trail because of a steep drop-off.
   On the south side of the notch, leave the trail and hike east along the top of the talus at the base of the fin a fairly short distance. Go around the end and come back on the north side to get to the cross fin. Head right to find the 10 ft, X 5 ft. arch, best lit in the morning. If you turn around there, you will find a smaller arch nearby.

Photo and directions by
Ted Dahlmann

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