Black Arch
Black Arch Black Arch is so named because it is so close to the fin behind it, it appears to be black when viewed from the other side. As are most of the arches in Devil's Garden, it is formed in a large sandstone fin. These fins were formed when underground salt deposits heaved, cracking the overlying sandstone. Over time, the cracks eroded, forming the fins. Drive to the end of the main Park road and park at the trailhead. This trail leads to Landscape Arch, Pine Tree Arch, Tunnel Arch, Partition Arch, Wall Arch, Navajo Arch, Double-O Arch, and Black Arch- to name just a few of the more prominent ones. Hike the mile to Landscape Arch and turn right onto a trail that starts opposite Landscape. This trail makes a big loop, eventually circling around and joining the trail which continues on from Landscape. The loop trail crosses Fin Canyon where a sign (hopefully) indicates where to turn off for Black Arch. If there is no sign, just follow the wash up-canyon a short distance to the arch.
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