Catchy Bridge
From “Sunset Point”, in Bryce Canyon N.P. hike down the west branch of the Navajo Loop Trail to the bottom of the switchbacks. At a quarter mile from the bottom of the switchbacks where the trail turns left, there are two drainages coming into Bryce Wash from the west. Take the left one going SW for about a third of a mile to just within view of the Peek-A-Boo Windows. There are roughly 4 drainages coming down the hill on the left. Watch for the one with the most trees (Ted counted 13). It’s a steep slippery climb to get under the arch. The small drainage on the left is a good route to take. One needs to carefully cross over to the right of the drainage and use a telephoto lens to get Ted’s picture in the afternoon

Photo by Ted Dahlmann
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Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks.
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