Gothic Arch
   Gothic Arch is located in upper Devil's Garden. It is accessed from the primitive loop trail which begins at Landscape Arch,qv, and ends at Double O Arch. From the intersection of the loop trail with Double-O Canyon where the trail turns west (up-valley), instead go right, downstream, past the second fin beyond the one containing Top Story Window,qv. Turn left (northwest) past the big fin, staying on slickrock or follow faint deer trails to avoid the cryptobiotic soil. Once at Gothic Canyon, take in the view of impressive Gothic Arch to the west (up-valley); and pick your way past several pour-offs. Once at the Arch, it is possible to take a more direct path back to the loop trail by passing between fins; but not all routes work.

The Gothic Arch UTM coordinates are: 12 619448E 4296145N.

Photo and directions by Dr. Allen Crockett

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