Deceiving Arch
This arch is in the Seal Castle Wash on the way to the Mormon Temple. From the bottom of the Horse Trail, head down the main Bryce Wash about mile; then go through the woods northward until you reach a small wash. There is a large rock mass on the east side, where on its north side is what appears to be a rather small cave up a talus slope which is hard to see from the wash. Inside, instead of a cave, is a crevice 40 ft.x12 ft. x 40 ft. high, open on one end and across the top except for an 8 ft. natural bridge. The entrance is really a 25 ft.x 35 ft. arch. With only a 12 ft. separation, Ted used a 24mm lens for the picture. Spring is the best time to get light into the crevice.

Photo by Ted Dahlmann
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