Landscape Arch
Recent measurements using scientific methods have determined that Landscape Arch's span of 290 ft. make the longest natural span in the world: and that Kolob Arch's span of 287 ft. make it the second longest. Kolob is waiting patiently for Landscape to fall; and it may get its wish because in recent years, two large chunks of Landscpe have fallen off in the thinnest part of the arch. From a structural standpoint, it would appear that Landscape's life must be approaching its end.
Drive to the end of the main Park road and park at the trailhead. It is a one mile hike to the arch on a well-maintained path. If you are with a group, note who sees the arch first. It is visible from a distance, but it's not immediately apparent. For those not up to a mile hike, the arch is also visible from the vicinity of the trailhead. See 'Landscape Arch from Loop Road (1)'.
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