Monument Valley
        Monument Valley is in the huge Navajo Nation which overlaps the border between Utah and Arizona. The Navajo Tribal Park occupies only a part of Monument Valley itself. There are guided tours of the Tribal Park from the Park Visitor's Center; and also guided tours of the area called Mystery Valley from Goulding's Trading Post. There are also tours offered by private tour guides in the town of Kayenta. There is a fee for all of the guided tours. There is also a free self-guided tour from the Visitor's Center which the visitor can take in his own vehicle. There are many interesting formations to be seen including "The Mittens" buttes, "Merrick Butte", "John Ford Point", and the famous "Totem Pole"; but no natural arches. The gravel/dirt road is 2wd, but is pretty rough in places.
Big Hogan Moccasin Sun Eye Ear of
the Wind
Hidden Pottery
Mirror Double Half Moon Chimney Honeymoon(1)
Honeymoon(2) Teardrop Beehive Clara Bernheimer
Natural Bridge
Eye of the Dove
Spiderweb Swinnerton Vreeland
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