North Fork Virgin Arch
This arch is along the north wall of the Virgin River about a half mile below Bulloch’s Cabin. Look about 50 ft. above the River. To get here, it is useful to do so as part of a hike of the fabled Zion Narrows in Zion National Park (permit needed for day or overnight trips). Take the Zion Narrows shuttle operated by several of the outfitters in Springdale, Utah. The shuttle drops you off at Chamberlain Ranch and you hike through the ranch (stay on the dirt roads). Bulloch’s Cabin is at the end of the dirt road on a bench above the N. Fork Virgin. Bulloch’s Cabin is shown on the Zion National Park Trails illustrated map. Here, begin wading back and forth across the river, scanning the right side (facing down stream) for the arch. There is no parking at the gate to Chamberlain Ranch and no vehicle entry unless you have a permit. If you drive this yourself, get directions and parking suggestions from the shuttle services. Bulloch’s Cabin is approximately at UTM 12 334735E 4137649N (WGS84/NAD83)

  Photo and Directions
  Rob Jones

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