Paria Point Arch

Paria Point Arch    This is a challenge arch. You can see it from the Paria View at the end of the scenic road. It's at the top of the fin, end of the right hand wall of yellow Creek Canyon, but it's nearly a mile away at an acute angle. I wanted to see if I could get up to it and determine its true shape and size. I started at Bryce Point and hiked the "Under-the-Rim Trail" 6 miles past the Hat Shop to Yellow Creek Campground (and surely 7 miles back up). Then it's a half- mile up on the trail on the side of the "fin" that the arch is in. Where the trail then drops down again, I left it and climbed the spine of the fin (good footing) about 45 minutes up to the level of the arch. Then I found that the far-wall of the canyon is in the way of a clear picture; but I could estimate the size at 10 ft.X.20ft. I was ready to call it "Where's Waldo Arch" when a small cloud came over and shaded the back wall and I got my picture. So I called it "Paria Point Arch" because it is in the view from Paria Point.

Photo and directions by
Ted Dahlmann

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