Seal Castle Window

Seal Castle Window Several years ago, the name "Seal Castle Window" appeared in an 02 picture book which Ted found and inspired him to locate the flat woody area bearing the name. The place name also appears on USGS Topo Map Bryce Canyon Nationl Park, Utah (1939) as well as USGS 7.5' Topo Map Bryce Canyon, Utah (1966), but not on the park folder. The area is about a mile north of the Tropic Trail and up against a cliff line about a half mile east of the Horse Trail. The easiest route is to go along the main Bryce Wash parallel to the trail and along the the cliff wall. Head north through the woods to get to Seal Castle Wash. This arch is about 1/4 mile north of "Deceiving Arch" which is located at latitude 37 deg. 37.398' and longitude 112 deg. 8.822' Its estimated height is 25 ft. with a span of 10 ft.

    Photo and directions by Ted Dahlmann

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