Shoe Panel Arch
Shoe Panel Arch This arch and an Indian petroglyph panel (the "Shoe Panel") are located in Natural Bridges National Monument located on the Bi-Centennial Highway, UT 95 in southern Utah. Driving the loop road in the Monument, Owachomo is the last of the three large natural bridges for which the Monument is named. Park at the Owachomo parking area and be prepared to hike from Owachomo N.B to Kachina N.B, then overland back to your vehicle. This is about a five and half mile loop and well-worth it. Along the way, you will see two huge natural bridges up close, and one of the most pristine panels in the area. Then, there is Shoe Panel Arch. It may be posible to see this arch from the rim; however, one must climb up the other side of the canyon, or up on the rincon itself to see the arch when walking the canyon. Climbing up the abandoned meander is the most satisfying option. As you round the bend alongside the Shoe Panel, you will see how to easily walk up to the Panel. There is a ruin there too. To reach the arch, continue around the nose in the down-canyon direction -at the Panel level. Near the neck of this small meander, you will see a way to climb up onto the neck; and from there, to the base of the Shoe. The Shoe Panel Arch forms the arch in the shoe. Look and step carefully, there are pot sherds to study and leave un-disturbed. Under Kachina NB, scout around for the petroglyphs and the ruins before climbing up to the rim and overland to your vehicle. See the Wilderness Vagabond Trip Report.

Photo and directions
Rob Jones

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