Wall Arch
Sorry to report that Wall Arch met its maker sometime during the night of Aug 4, 2008. The event was widely reported in newspapers and on the internet. With a span of 71 feet, it was the 12th longest span in Arches National Park. More debris might fall closing the trail to the many arches north of the fallen arch location; but the closing should be short lived unles arch integrity inspections are required. Check at the Visitors Center before planning a hike to any of the arches north of the fallen arch's location. For those wanting to visit the location of the fallen arch, drive to the end of the main Park road and park at the Landscape Arch trailhead. Follow the well-maintained trail one mile to Landscape Arch. Wall Arch was just a few yards north of Landscape on the same trail. It was on the right, so close to the trail that it took a fisheye lens to encompass the entire span.

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