White Arch

White Arch The arch is just west of the west half of the Navajo Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon. At the bottom of the switchbacks, a rocky ridge parallels the trail for 1/2 mile and then drops down at the south end where the trail turns left . Cross the wash to the west and climb up the talus slope and continue along the top of the ridge to its northern end. You will find that you are in front of the arch, but with a wall behind the arch, the opening is not immediately apparent. To see the arch with sky through the opening requires a tougher talus slope climb to the west of the ridge involved. Follow the west-leading wash to just past the ridge to get to a small drainage heading north up the ridge. The higher you go, the steeper it is; and there are two rocky columns flanking the view of the arch. Go as high as you can to get the clearest shot.

    Photo and directions by Ted Dahlmann

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