Djoulia Oued Arch

NABSQNO 34Q 641224 1829851 Chad

The Arch of Bashekele is a spectacular example of an abandoned natural arch. In the photo above, it looks more delicate than Delicate Arch, but in the photo below, taken from a different angle, it can be seen to be a much sturdier formation. The arch is located near Djoula Oued ("oued" is the Arabic word for "wash") in the Djoula region of the Ennedi area of Chad. It has a measured span of 46 feet and a measured height of 107 feet. Top two photos (copyright retained) courtesy of Hauser Excursions, who conduct tours to the Ennedi (see their tour web page in the original German or in English translation by Google). Bottom two photos by Jacques Taberlet (Fouderg). See also a video of climbing this arch.

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