"Five Arch Rock"

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We do not know if this arch has a local name, but for lack of a better term we are referring to it as "Five Arch Rock" because it has five openings. It is located in the Sombora region of the Ennedi, in a side valley of Oued Sini on the west side of Anoko Mountain, about 10 miles southwest of Aloba Arch. The largest opening, pictured in the top photo, has a span of 67 feet and a height of 45 feet. The photo below (taken from the other side, looking south) shows four of the five openings. The opening on the left has a span of 21 feet and a height of 26 feet. The opening to the right of the large opening has a span of 15 feet and a height of 18 feet. The smallest opening shown has a span of 13 feet and a height of 12 feet. The rock seen through the largest opening also contains a double arch. Top photo by Dr. Rolf Windheim; second photo by Gunter Welz. Aerial photo by Pedro. Arrow in aerial photo points to another arch.

Five Arch Rock

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