Selected Natural Arches by Country or US State



N 15S-378646-4311944

Unity Village Natural Bridge

N 15S-424440-4064900

Ash Cave Natural Arch

N 15S-430092-4052861

Cassville Natural Bridge

N 15S-433700-4189950

Haynie Branch Natural Bridges

N 15S-465066-4086514

Hootentown Natural Arch

N 15S-473097-4125920

Lost Hill Natural Arch

N 15S-473156-4125891

Dry Sac Arch

N 15S-480910-4092990

Selmore Natural Arch

N 15S-511964-4243401

Gravois Mills Natural Bridge

N 15S-520770-4202979

Ha Ha Tonka Natural Bridge

N 15S-544565-4080060

Sweden Fork Natural Bridge

N 15S-550020-4300875

Roche Percee Natural Arch

N 15S-550710-4126570

Needles Eye Natural Arch

N 15S-558441-4302744

Rock Bridge

N 15S-561557-4243854

Henley Natural Arch

N 15S-561893-4241633

Bat Cave Arch

N 15S-567170-4234600

Arch Cave

N 15S-584151-4157362

Paddy Creek Natural Arch

N 15S-587966-4250000

Anvil Rock Arch

N 15S-589885-4210367

Clifty Creek Natural Bridge

N 15S-595080-4189390

Kaintuck Hollow Natural Bridge

N 15S-621260-4045220

Grand Gulf Natural Bridge

N 15S-626781-4205860

Pinnacles Bluff Arch

N 15S-641150-4127400

Round Spring Natural Bridge

N 15S-644267-4135874

The Emerald Grotto

N 15S-658760-4138150

Turner Natural Bridge

N 15S-663555-4339905

Sandy Creek Natural Bridge

N 15S-732210-4227670

Cliffdale Hollow Natural Bridge

N 15S-737910-4187310

Pickle Springs complex

N 15S-743160-4282380 (f)

Namesake Natural Bridge (fallen)


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