The NABS geographic information system (GIS) catalog of natural arches


The natural arches in this catalog are indexed by their Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates using the WGS84 datum. UTM coordinates (zone-easting-northing) are appended to the text string 'NABSQNO' to create the catalog reference number for each arch. These coordinates are then used to locate and overlay each arch onto topographic maps and aerial imagery provided by TopoQuest and Google Maps. Each arch is located on maps and imagery with an accuracy of 10 meters or better. In many cases, the arch is visible in the imagery.

Arches are grouped by political subdivision, either the country or the US state in which they are located. For each political subdivision a list of the arches is provided along with a map. The lists, which order the arches from west to east, provide links to detailed documentation for each arch. Arch names are included in the list when available for ease of reference. Many arches remain unnamed and are so shown.

Each map shows the locations of all the arches currently cataloged in that political subdivision. In some cases the map provided covers multiple subdivisions. The lists and maps have hyperlinks to each other. Thus, it is possible to link to documentation for an arch from the map as well as the list. Furthermore, all the functionality of Google Maps is available, e.g., zoom, pan, and obtaining directions from user specified locations.

For some subdivisions downloadable .kml and .gpx files are available. The .kml files can be loaded and combined using Google Earth. The .gpx files can be directly loaded into most modern GPS receivers.

Because this catalog has not been completed, most maps contain arches that are not included in the corresponding list, and some US states and many countries are not cataloged at all. Unfortunately, Google has fundamentally changed the user interface for their maps which makes it quite problematic to add to this work. Essentially, everything here would have to be revised before anything could be added, and there are currently no plans to do this. Comments are nevertheless welcome and should be sent to

Arch Lists

Google Maps

KML/GPX Downloads

Alabama List

Alabama Map

Arizona List

Arizona Map

Arkansas List

Arkansas Map



Australia List

Australia Map

California List

California Map

China List

China Map

Colorado List

Colorado Map



Illinois List

Illinois (and Indiana) Map



Indiana List

Indiana (and Illinois) Map



Kansas List

Kansas (and Oklahoma) Map



Kentucky List

Not Available

Lebanon List

Lebanon Map

Maine List

Maine (New England) Map

Malta List

Malta Map

Massachusetts List

Massachusetts (New England) Map

Mexico List

Mexico Map

Michigan List

Michigan (and Wisconsin) Map



Missouri List

Missouri Map



Montana List

Montana Map

New Mexico List

New Mexico Map

New York List

New York (and Pennsylvania) Map

New York.kml

New York.gpx

North (and South) Carolina List

North (and South) Carolina Map

Oklahoma List

Oklahoma (and Kansas) Map



Oregon List

Oregon Map

Pennsylvania List

Pennsylvania (and New York) Map



Puerto Rico List

Puerto Rico Map

South (and North) Carolina List

South (and North) Carolina Map

Tennessee List Tennessee Map
[Courtesy of Tom Dunigan, University of Tennessee]

Texas List

Texas Map



Not Available

Major Natural Arches of the US

Utah List

Utah Map

Vermont List

Vermont (New England) Map

Wisconsin List

Wisconsin (and Michigan) Map



Wyoming List

Wyoming Map

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