NABSQNO 12S-620572-4295477

NABSQNO 12S-620572-4295477.
Black Arch in Arches National Park, Utah
Photo by Jay Wilbur
NABSQNO 12S-620572-4295477. Black Arch is an adult shelter natural arch eroded through a fin of Entrada sandstone. It is located just off the Fin Canyon Trail where it crosses Fin Canyon in the Devils Garden area of Arches National Park. Access is via an incredibly scenic loop trail that begins at either of the carparks at the campground and then winds for about 5 miles past some of the most spectacular natural arches in the world. There are no longer any signs that point the hiker to this arch, so route finding can be a little challenging.

Black Arch gets its name from the fact that the opening is occluded by an adjacent fin. Since this fin is almost always in shadow, the opening of the arch is usually seen as dark or black instead of bright sky. It has a span of 65 feet, a height of 45 feet, and a separation of 25 feet.

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