ALG-2, Touia Arch
NABSQNO 32R 508681 2749422 Algeria

ALG-2, Touia Arch, Tikoubaouine Area. 11 meter span by 9 meter height (estimated). GPS 32R 508681 2749422. From the "T" road junction at the gas station in Djanet, drive north on the scenic road between Erg Admer (left) and Tassili Spur (right) for 64.5 kilometers, or 58.5 kilometers from ALG-66 (Road Side Arch). Leave the paved road northeast and drive off road (some tracks) through the little valley for 9.5 kilometers to the arch. The arch is located up on the rock 500 meters before the trail which goes to the Touia Guelta.

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