NABSQNO 32R 683393 2663898 Algeria

ALG-281, Dryfall Bridge of Tiseteka, In-Djerane Canyon area. 35 meter height (estimated). GPS 32R 683393 2663898. From the trio of arches of Tamezguina drive down stream in In-Djerane Canyon about 90 minutes or so to a north side tributary which leads you to the guelta of Tiseteka. Check with your guide. From the guelta climb the canyon upstream for 20 minutes to a pair of exciting and rare bridges. A little challenge awaits you to access these rewarding bridges. You have to bypass a very impressive huge, deep pothole (which is a bit scary for some people) before arriving in a cathedral of rock where these bridges sit. The main bridge has a vertical opening shown in this photo, with two supporting pillars forming a second opening (shown in foreground of photo for ALG-282). This incredible bridge has probably been seen by few people in this secret place.

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