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Natural Arches of Tassili National Park

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See Tamrit Panoramic Photo by Tom Budlong

ALG-72, Tamrit Camp Arch, Tamrit Area. 1.75 meter span (estimated). From the small saddle (see ALG-70), proceed on the trail east and then north across a gravel flat about 5 km to the site of Tamrit (bivouac area). This arch is located on the side of some ordered fins on the left of Sonatrach Camp (a petroleum company site with permanent caretaker).
ALG-7, Dinosaur Arch, Tamrit Area. Largest opening, 0.9 meter span (estimated). GPS 32R 565794 2722535. From the hikers camp of Tamrit, cross south across a little flat about 150 meters to the first outcropping of rock on the left of the trail. Find this arch among the rocks. A small arch but very attractive.
ALG-74, Outcropping Rock Arch, Tamrit Area. 9.0 meter span, 2.2 meter height (measured). GPS 32R 566128 2723305. From the huge cypress tree (near some shelters of stone) situated 300 meters south of the Sonatrach Camp, walk SE for 400 meters toward a formation of outcropping rocks. Find this arch among these rocks. If you don't have a GPS, ask the caretaker of Sonatrach Camp for assistance.
ALG-73, Window Tower, Tamrit Area. 2 meters high (estimated). From Tamrit Guelta (just behind hikers camp), walk NE through the cypress valley along the oued (wash) for 500 meters and then bear left (north) toward Tamrit Towers. Find this window up on one of these towers. There are a lot of small arches in this area.
ALG-8, unnamed arch 1, Tamrit Area. 1.5 meter span (estimated). GPS 32R 565782 2725088. From Tamrit hikers camp, walk NE through Sonatrach Camp and climb up behind it on slickrock about 700 meters to a flat area. This cairned route is difficult to follow so a guide is essential. Proceed NE across a gravel flat toward Tan-Zoumaitek and the rock art site (Big Horn Fresco) for about 1.5 km. The arch is visible from the primitive trail on the right (east) at the bottom of a corridor 200 meters ahead.
ALG-9, Elephant Rock, Tamrit Area. 1.6 meter span by 1.9 meter height (measured). GPS 32R 565076 2725761. From ALG-8, retrace your steps to the primitive trail and proceed NE on this trail for about 250 meters. The arch is visible from the trail on the right (east) on an isolated rock.

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