Beehive Arch
Beehive Arch Beehive Arch is in the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park. The small Visitor's Center is thought to be the most remote of any in the country. The Visitor's Center is actually outside the Park to make it accessible with two-wheel-drive vehicles. The arch is in an area known as the "Doll House". This area is about 100 miles from the nearest gas station in Green River. From Green River, drive west on I-70 and turn south on Utah Rt. 24. About 20 miles south of I-70, a sign indicates Goblin Valley State Park is to the right. Just a few yards beyond this sign, a gravel road turns to the left. It is about 30 miles into the Visitor's Center on this road. It is two-wheel-drive, but since it crosses a desert it often gets covered with sand (take a shovel). At the Visitor's Center get information and a pass. It is about another 25 miles in to the Doll House on a really rough four-wheel-drive trail. A high clearance SUV with a low transfer case gear is a must. To get to the Doll House before dark, it is necessary to leave Green River early in the morning. On the author's first visit, it turned dark while on the roughest part of the trail and his party had to camp along the trail. It is a short hike to the arch from a marked trail head in the Doll House area. This trip is not recommended for drivers not acquainted with really rough four-wheel-drive trails. There are several places where it is easy to damage one's vehicle. See also Beehive from the back.

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