Canyonlands National Park, Maze District

      Canyonlands National Park in southern Utah consists of three separate districts: The Island in the Sky, The Needles, and The Maze. For arches in the first two districts , see Canyonlands National Park and Vicinity This section shows only those to be found in the Maze District. Unlike the Island in the Sky and Needles Districts, which are accessed by paved highways, the Maze can be accessed only by hiking or on rough 4wd trails. The area for which the district is named is found north of the 4wd trail which ends at the Doll House. That section consists of many intersecting canyons in which one can easily get lost. Most of the arches are to be found in the area south of the 4wd trail. This area is loosely divided into three sections: “The Land of Standing Rocks”, “Ernie’s Country” and “The Fins”. Hikers interested in exploring this area are urged to research the subject and obtain the latest maps and geo positioning equipment as well as information on the necessary permits required. Cell phone coverage is spotty but useful. Rob Jones, who took most of the photos in the section managed to contact the author while arch hunting in the area. Rob’s report on his recent (May and June, ’09) trip provides a good reference along with his directions and UTM coordinates accompanying each arch. Follow along with this link to Rob's Trip Report. Rob’s explorations began at the Ernie’s Country trailhead which begins at the base of the “Mother and Child” pinnacle 0.8 miles north of the Golden Stairs . In the arch directions, where a TH is mentioned, the reference is to the Ernie’s Country trailhead. This trail ends near the Doll House.

Tibbett Arch Beehive Arch Backside
River Mile 13 Arch Whitmore Arch
Un-named Arch
Wall Hugger Arch
Table Leg Arch Refrigerator Door
Handle Arch
Snakeskin Arch
Cove Arch Purlin Arch Solitaire Arch Ernie’s Skylight Arch High Holer
Maze 633-1 Arch Maze 633-2 Arch Maze 633-3 Arch Muffin Toaster
Muffin Arch
Owl Eyes Alley Arch Range Arch Sweet Alice Arch Sweet Alice
Sister Arch
Wall Runner
Toitey Bowl Arch Wall Lounger Arch Mystery
Jasper Canyon
Thieves Cache
Turk’s Head
Portal Arch
The Frog at
Bonita Bend
Toilet Lid
Mystery Peeper
Maze 48 Arch
Bagel Bit Arch Single Flush One
Single Flush Two
Spotlight Arch Abbey's Triple
Arch near
Abbey's Triple Arch
Skyhook Arch Maze Ridge
Route Arch
Wall Remnant
East Maze

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