Turk’s Head Portal Arch
This interesting arch can be found by canoeing (or otherwise getting to) the Stillwater Canyon section of the Green River in Canyonlands National Park. Float to approximately river Mile 24 and begin hiking user-created trails to Turk’s Head butte which is clearly visible to the east. Start here to avoid the impenetrable tamarisks closer to the Turk’s Head. Walk about two miles to the south side of Turk’s Head on the level where the walking is easy. The best route is to go to the low divide between the river Mile 24 and Deadhorse Canyon, then continuing to Turks’s Head following the user-created trail which becomes very obvious. Near approximately UTM 12S 591706E 424437N WGS84 you will find a boulder with ancient petroglyphs. The arch is just to the east and on the right side of the trail from this boulder. See photos from the surrounding area.

Photo and directions by Rob Jones

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