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Natural Arches of Ahaggar National Park

Index Page 9 - In-Tehaq Area

In-Tehaq area is located a 30-minute jeep drive from the site of Tin-Abezeguine to the southeast. This is a splendid area of rock masses with a nice stretch of sand dune rising from the west side of the site. Visitors will find here a modern well with clear water in the shadow of a bunch of trees. Check with your guide/driver. This area is very sandy and driving through the area is difficult (except along the west side), so it is generally best to visit the area by foot with a day pack. Acess to the two significant arches found here can be done by the west side where it is easier to access with 4-wheel drive vehicle. In-Tehaq Arch (ALG-635) is located not far from the jeep tracks that skirt the west side and is visible from there in the distance. Do not confuse this area with In-Tehaq Arch (ALG-274) and In-Tehaq area in Tassili National Park. Also the name can be confused with In-Tehoq, a small area located at the bottom of Tassili tin-Rehroh in Ahaggar National Park. Satellite view.

ALG-635, In-Tehaq Arch, In-Tehaq Area. 18 meter span (measured). GPS 32Q 214654 2325704. This beautiful arch is located on the west side of the site of In-Tehaq and visible in the distance from the jeep tracks which skirt along the site.
ALG-636, Unexpected Arch, In-Tehaq Area. 11.6 meter span (measured). GPS 214894 2325706. This second nice arch is located 350 meters up the sand dune to the east of ALG-635 (In-Tehaq Arch) on the same axis.

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