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The Natural Arches of
Tassili National Park

Tassili N'Ajjer, Algeria

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A comprehensive catalog
Copyright © 2004-2010
by Guilain Debossens

NOTE: Beginning October 2012, Algeria is not issuing tourist visas for the areas including Tassili and Ahaggar National Parks due to danger from marauders coming across the borders with Libya and Mali. You should check the current situation before trying to visit these areas.

Neither the author nor the Natural Arch and Bridge Society
are responsible for any accidents which may occur from the use of this data.

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Journal of 2006 NABS trip to Tassili (with over 60 photos)

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Arch Catalog:

Index Page 1 - Djanet and Akba Tafilalet Areas
Index Page 2 - Tamrit Area
Index Page 3 - Tin Itinen Area
Index Page 4 - Tin Tazarift West Area
Index Page 5 - Tin Tazarift Central Area
Index Page 6 - Tin Tazarift East Area
Index Page 7 - Tin Tazarift West Area
Index Page 8 - Tin Tazarift East Area
Index Page 9 - Sefar Low Maze Area
Index Page 10 - Sefar High Maze Area
Index Page 11 - Tin Tazarift West Area
Index Page 12 - Tin Aboteka & Tin Tazarift West Areas
Index Page 13 - Tin Aboteka Area
Index Page 14 - Little City of Rocks (Tin Aboteka Area)
Index Page 15 - Unnamed Reef One
Index Page 16 - Tin Kani Area
Index Page 17 - South Idou Area: The Needles
Index Page 18 - Tissoukai Area Islet 2
Index Page 19 - Tissoukai Area Islet 3
Index Page 20 - Tissoukai Area Islet 4
Index Page 21 - Tissoukai Area Islet 1
Index Page 22 - Jabbaren Area
Index Page 23 - Tikoubaouine Area
Index Page 24 - Tadrart Area
Index Page 25 - Upper Alidemma Area
Index Page 26 - Lower Alidemma Area
Index Page 27 - Menkhor Area
Index Page 28 - Tissoukai Area Islet 5
Index Page 29 - Tissoukai Area Islet 6
Index Page 30 - North Idou Area: Outskirts
Index Page 31 - North Idou Area: The Maze
Index Page 32 - Ouan Lhote Area
Index Page 33 - In Etouami Area
Index Page 34 - Ti-Spad Area
Index Page 35 - Other Arches
Index Page 36 - Ozaneare Area
Index Page 37 - In-Essou Area

Sketch Maps

Map 1: Tassili Main Trail
Map 2: Tamrit Area
Map 3: Tin Itinen Area
Map 4: Tin Tazarift Area
Map 5: Sefar Area
Map 6: Tin Aboteka Area
Map 7: Tin Kani Area
Map 8: Salihohen Pass
Map 9: Idou Area (Needles)
Map 10: Tissoukai Area
Map 11: Jabbaren Area
Map 12: Tissoukai Islets 5 & 6
Map 13: Idou Area (The Maze)
Map 14: Ouan Lhote Area

Download 300 dpi Printable Sketch Map Set (6.3 megs)

200,000 Scale Map
View (660k) - Download 300 dpi (1.8 megs)

1,000,000 Scale Map
View (560k) - Download 300 dpi (1.4 megs)

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