ALG-385, Entrance Arch, Ouan Lhote Area. 2.5 meter span (estimated). From ALG-81 (Pendulum Arch) proceed northeast on the donkey trail toward Tin-Tazarift site into the sandy valley and along Oued In-Itinen to a downward sand slope (25 minutes from ALG-81). Then continue along Oued In-Itinen in a flat area. After 10 minutes walk from the sand slope, you will see coming from the northwest the old halftrack road of the Henri Lhote expedition. Now the trail goes between the old road and Oued In-Itinen until you arrive beside an amazing pinnacles of chaotic rock (25 minutes from the sand slope). This trail was also briefly described with ALG-13. Note that the hiking time was calculated with a donkey pack caravan. From there, the trail to Tin-Tazarift goes down hill (east) and crosses the Oued In-Itinen before climbing up the hill on the other side. For the present bear northwest following the old road along the reef side for 900 meters to a turn-around located just before the terminus of the road. Hike to  the end of the road and continue some meters ahead to the reef and this arch. The arch offers an entrance gate to the inner reef. There is some fine rock art around the arch (bighorn painting). Check with your guide.

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