Selected Natural Arches by Country or US State



N 10T-383240-4486720

Elephant Rock

N 10T-395330-4626500

White Rock

N 10T-399260-4645130


N 10S-430070-4351590


N 10S-430755-4395530

Hardy Rock

N 10S-433900-4338235

Arch of the Navarro

N 10S-436855-4308455

The Hitch'n Post

N 10S-488920-4253840

Arched Rock

N 10T-491270-4482700

Massacre Natural Bridge

N 10S-498807-4172551

Great Western Gateway

N 10S-499650-4172840

Arch Rock

N 10T-622550-4621220

Symbol Bridge

N 10T-623615-4618470

Venetian Bridge

N 10T-623625-4618545

Chocolate Bridge

N 10T-623625-4618525

Garden Bridge A

N 10T-625300-4622740

Captain Jacks Bridge

N 10S-707725-3894776


N 10S-721358-4214870


N 11S-236180-3820485

Elusive Arch

N 11S-248375-3818775

San Roque Arch

N 11S-282392-3766564

Arch Rock

N 11S-298615-4146510

Last Chance Canyon Arch

N 11S-317162-4147000

Arch Rock

N 11S-322472-4165490

Bottomless Pit

N 11S-396988-4051210


N 11S-416690-3921170

Arch Rock

N 11S-419806-3716430


N 11S-482315-4037480

Telephone Arch

N 11S-521046-4015579

Death Valley Natural Bridge

N 11S-582144-3860312


N 11S-590930-3761077

Arch Rock

N 11S-614074-3900628

Aikens Arch

N 11S-628480-3934280

Clark Mountain Natural Arch

N 11S-719651 3647182

Arturo's Bridge

N 11S-725883-3654196

Whitley Bridge


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