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Natural Arches of Ahaggar National Park

Index Page 2 - Tin-Akacheker Area

Satellite view.

ALG-284, unnamed arch 8, Tin-Akacheker Area. From El-Ghessour Area, we drove south for two hours to the site of Tin-Akacheker (The Castles). Most of the brochures report this site as the gem of Tassili du Hoggar, and it is true! Numerous spires emerge on top of the big sand dunes. The whole scene is spectacular. We climbed sand dune by sand dune behind the site to reach the the crest. The face of the main sand dune was over 60 meters in height and was too difficult to climb in the 35 degree Celsius desert heat (95F). However, we found another way around to get on the top, where we walked along the crest to a great vista of the surrounding desert. We were surprised to find this beautiful natural arch hidden behind some rock masses overhanging the desert plain.
ALG-285, Tin-Akacheker Arch, Tin-Akacheker Area. 12 meter height (estimated). GPS 32Q 235088 2394722. The night after we visited ALG-284 was very warm for the time of year (22 October 2003). We woke up before sunrise to get an early start to visit a wonderful abandoned-type natural arch we saw in the distance the day before as we approached the Tin-Akacheker site by jeep. We hiked with the help of a head lamp to try to find the location. We found the distance from the bivouac site to be shorter than we had estimated and arrived before sunrise. ALG-284 is actually close by, but perched inaccessible on the rock masses above.
ALG-581, unnamed arch 9, Tin-Akacheker Area. 6 meter span (estimated). This Arch is located 300 meters southwest of ALG-285 (Tin-Akacheker Arch).
ALG-286, unnamed arch 10, Tin-Akacheker Area. 8.6 meter span (measured). GPS 32Q 235690 2393128. When we visited the south part of the Tin-Akacheker area we found by chance this very pretty arch. There are probably more arches in this fantastic landscape of The Castles, but more time than I had on this trip would be needed to explore.
ALG-582, unnamed arch 11, Tin-Akacheker Area. 5 meter height (estimated). This arch is located 800 meters south of ALG-581.
ALG-627, unnamed arch 31, Tin-Akacheker Area. 4 meter height (estimated). From the official entrance of the site of Tin-Akacheker, turn right (west) into a large amphitheater and drive to track end at the bottom of a huge sloping sand dune. Climb up the slope of the sand dune (strenous) staying on the left of the two spires rising from the huge sand dune. Once on the top, the arch is visible on the left (east) on the side of the dune.
ALG-628, Topped Arch, Tin-Akacheker Area. 4 meter height (estimated). From ALG-627, walk east 200 meters on the crest of the dune to view this arch on the bench below. Then descend the dune slope to the arch. The view of the rock castles from the arch is spectacular.

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