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Natural Arches of Ahaggar National Park

Index Page 3 - Tagrera Area

ALG-287, La Chambre, Tagrera Area. 2.4 meter span by 3.9 meter height (measured). GPS 32Q 237882 2384988. The Tagrera area was our next stop after Tin-Akacheker Arch (ALG-285), not too distant. We entered this location via "La Grande Dune," a wide sand dune overlooking the plain of the Oued Tagrera. This desert plain is scattered with innumerable rock masses and spires. The best known is the rock called La Chambre ("The Bedroom") in the northeast section of the plain. The half-circular rock contains a small natural arch which is very photogenic due to the close proximity of little sand dunes and a mushroom rock. We used La Chambre for an appropriate bivouac for the night.
ALG-288, unnamed arch 12, Tagrera Area. 8 meter height (estimated). GPS 32Q 244137 2379562. From La Chambre (ALG-287) we took a 30-minute drive due east to Buddha's Valley ("Taguelman Semed" in the Tamahaq dialect). This site is visible from La Chambre with binoculars. It is a small side canyon with a row of rocks which look like the Buddha's profile. Two interesting arches guard the valley entrance, one of which is this elephant-shaped rock (the other is ALG-289).
ALG-289, unnamed arch 13, Tagrera Area. Nearby ALG-288 is this strange monolith with a natural opening on the top. This is a caprock-type natural arch.
ALG-583, unnamed arch 14, Tagrera Area. 5 meter span (estimated). This arch is located 400 meters to the east of ALG-289. The arch looks inaccessible.

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