Natural Bridge of Tassili
NABSQNO 32R 535913 2741344 Algeria

ALG-328, Natural Bridge of Tassili, Djanet Area. 6 meter height (estimated). GPS 32R 535913 2741344. From ALG-261 (Ouafararen Oued Arch) walk Ouafararen Oued upstream 400 meters to a wash junction. Leave Ouafararen Oued and turn left (north) into the wash. This is where the old 4WD road crosses the wash and continues north into this wash. However, there is no trace of road in the wash. Upper Ouafararen Oued going east is usually used to go back down from Assakao Pass via Guelta Semid when donkeys carry light packs after the trip. 7 hours hiking is necessary to go back down to this point. Now, proceed  into the north wash 300 meters and climb up and down the old road on the left another 300 meters. Recross the oued and climb up the old road 300 meters to the top of a small hill. As soon as the road goes down look on the left (northwest) into the wash. The natural bridge can be seen near a small dryfall. From there take the path 500 meters which takes less than 5 minutes to the guelta and the bridge. An alternative route is to follow the wash directly from the junction to the bridge. There is a permanent pool of water (big pothole) under the bridge and it is very photogenic. If you proceed up the old road you can reach Assakao Pass from there in about 8 hours hiking, and can reach the Tissoukai-Idou sites in another 3 hours (see Index Pages 18 to 21).

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