NABSQNO 12S-676560-3950492

NABSQNO 12S-676560-3950492
Window Rock in Window Rock, Arizona
Photo by Jay Wilbur

Example Pothole Natural Arch

NABSQNO 12S-676560-3950492. Window Rock is an adult pothole natural arch eroded through Entrada sandstone. Chemical exfoliation deepened a pothole until it breached the back of a shallow recess in the cliff several feet above its base. Subsequent weathering and thermal exfoliation has created the smooth oval front entrance of the arch. This process continues to the present with a slab of rock falling from the west abutment in 1996.

Window Rock, Arizona is the capital of the Navajo Nation and gets its name from this feature. Visitors are welcome to drive to the parking lot in front of the arch to view both it and the adjacent memorial to Navajo servicemen.

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