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Natural Arches of Ahaggar National Park

Index Page 4 - Youf-Ehakit Area

ALG-291, The Tunnel, Youf-Ehakit Area. 2.6 meter span, 5 meter height, 10.5 meters deep (measured). GPS 32Q 275282 2448817. We left the Tahaggart site and ALG-290 in the morning and drove along the big oued of Tin-Tarabine, which flows from the Hoggar mountains. Near midday, we arrived at the site of Youf-Ehakit (which means "better than tent" in the Tamahaq dialect). Matali, our driver-guide, took us on a 45 minute side-trip to a seldom-seen natural arch called locally "Le Tunnel". It is as perfectly shaped a tunnel as it would be if man-made. We used the tunnel to park the Toyota in the shade and had lunch inside.
ALG-292, Bipod Arch, Youf-Ehakit Area. 5.6 meter span, 1.9 meter height (measured). GPS 32Q 270429 2434359. On the way back from The Tunnel (ALG-291) to the Youf-Ehakit main area we passed by this incredible "bipod" arch — a truly amazing balanced rock with two legs, forming an arch. The thin leg is only 15 centimeters (6 inches) thick!
ALG-293, unnamed arch 15, Youf-Ehakit Area. 4.6 meter span, 3.2 meter height (measured). Close to Bipod Arch (ALG-292) is this small but nice arch.
ALG-584, unnamed arch 16, Youf-Ehakit Area. 3.5 meter span (estimated). This small but attractive arch is located 150 meters to the west of Bipod Arch (ALG-292).
ALG-294, Elephant Rock, Youf-Ehakit Area. 7.6 meter span (measured). GPS 32Q 267983 2436027. Five minutes from Bipod Arch (ALG-292), we stopped on the top of a big sand dune overlooking the oued of Tin-Tarabine, here full of acacia trees. We climbed down the dune with the Toyota and crossed the oued where the site of Youf-Ehakit is signposted. Some distance from there another surprise awaited us! Two beautiful natural arches side by side provided another bright cheer of the day. The main opening is in this nice elephant-shaped rock. The second opening is ALG-295.
ALG-295, unnamed arch 17, Youf-Ehakit Area. 4.3 meter height (measured). This arch is adjacent to Elephant Rock (ALG-294).
ALG-585, unnamed arch 18, Youf-Ehakit Area. 2 meter span (estimated). This arch is located on the vicinity of Elephant Rock (ALG-294).
ALG-592, Needles Arch, Youf-Ehakit Area. 5 meter height (estimated). From the Oued Tin-Tarabine and ALG-294 (Elephant Rock), drive north on the sandy tracks (very sandy in some spots) for 15 minutes or much more (depending on the abilities of your driver) to the foot of the rocky hill and the end of the tracks. From here, take the cairned trail which climbs up in 45 minutes to the spectacular Needles of Youf-Ehakit (visible majestically from the Oued Tin-Tarabine). The arch is located in the first set of these needles.

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