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Natural Arches of Ahaggar National Park

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ALG-290, Tahaggart Arch, Tahaggart Area. 10 meter height (estimated). GPS 32Q 307231 2418494. From ALG-288 we drove northeast at full throttle on a sandy plain in a large "corridor" marked out with old oil drums located on each side of the tracks every half kilometer. These are the official tracks to In-Azaoua, which leads to the Niger border. It is only 80 kilometers from where we were to In-Azaoua and the Niger border, and this is certainly why we passed three jeeps of the Algerian army patrolling the area. After receiving a cordial check by the army, we covered a distance of 100 kilometers before arriving in sight of the Tahaggart site. We left "the corridor" and approached the site slowly because of numerous outcropping rocks which encircle the magnificent hills. The Tahaggart site can be described as huge sand dunes edged by fairy castles as if from a Walt Disney movie. It is flagrant natural splendor, including this great arch of about 10 meters in height.
ALG-637, Abalemma Arch, Abalemma Area. 1.5 meter span (estimated). Abalemma Arch is located in the small area of standing rocks of Abalemma. This area is situated a one-hour jeep drive to the west of In-Tehaq Area. Note the footprints of the oudad (desert wild sheep) in the foreground in the sand.

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